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Too Late for Tears (1949) Review SPOILER ALERT

This movie poster showcases a hard to watch scene that was iconic to the film.
This classic film noir directed by Byron Haskin features a cast of actors I've never come across before. The premise seems very simple at first. A bag of $60,000 is mistakenly dropped into the back of a married couple's convertible and the man it was meant for (Don DeFore) comes after them to get his dough back. What's unusual is the wife's reaction to the money (Lizabeth Scott).

Jane Palmer (Lizbeth Scott) showing her husband what was in the suitcase mistakenly dropped into their car.

***Spoilers Begin Now***

I was quite shocked how easily the wife changed from a nervous, seemingly good wife to such a ruthless killer. No one and nothing is more important to her than the money, that's including her husband whom she seemed to genuinely love even up to the fateful boat ride. In order to keep the money she allowed herself to flirt with and kiss another man, kill her husband, kill the other man who came after her for the money, and plot to kill her sister-in-law.

Jane Palmer ruthlessly killing her husband
I'll admit she was pretty smart for most of the plot, but what was really jarring and out of place for me was her innocent and genuine smile. Perhaps it was done on purpose to show a new style of femme fatale or perhaps the actor didn't give a quite perfect performance. However, I still liked it- in that it caused the movie to be different. I especially enjoyed Lizbeth Scott's voice. It was very reminiscent of Lauren Bacall's.

An example of the same smile Lizbeth Scott used in this film
In the end, the title was very fitting. She made decisions so fast she didn't have time to cry over what she had done or feel any remorse for the murders she committed. I think this is a very entertaining movie. Let me know in the comments what you think of it!

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Reposting this from someone else's notes.

you want looking cute?? kawaii??
do know how to posing time snap camera??
now i share asian pose and you will looking cute and happening ^_^

Video Asian Poses - Cutekan Diri Anda [HQ]

❤❤❤ Video The History Asian Poses & Peace Sign ❤❤❤ [HQ] 

Pose #1: V Sign

The V sign, which is commonly known as the victory sign or peace sign is the pose that I most commonly associate with Asians. One performs this hand gesture by raising and parting the index and middle finger while the remaining fingers are clenched.

Pose #2: Shush

To request silence, the index finger of one hand is extended while the remaining fingers are curled inwards towards the palm. The index finger is brought vertically to the lips with the side of the index finger facing the lips. Optionally, one can make a “shhh” noise with their lips to add to the realism. If done right, people will be silenced by the absolute cuteness of this gesture.

Pose #3: Begging

Place both hands together with palm facing upwards and bring both hands near the chin. Optionally, you can include a sad face to show how needy you are.

Pose #4: Adjusting Glasses

There are many variations of this gesture with the most common feature being a minimum of one finger touching the glasses frame. The most common variation involves one hand with the index finger and thumb touching the glasses frame right next to the lens.

Pose #5: Claws

What is both ferocious and cute at the same time? The answer is the claw hand gesture, which involves one or two hands with palm facing outward and fingers bent towards the palm. The fingers which aren’t forming the claw shape remain clenched.

Pose #6: Pigtails

Want to appeal to pigtail lovers but don’t have a hair band or hair tie? No problem! You can take matters into your own hands by grasping your long hair with both hands with knuckles facing outwards.

Pose #7: Frame

A picture frame is created using two hands to simulate a rectangle or square. The index finger is vertical while the thumb is extended perpendicular to the index finger. The remaining fingers are clenched and both hands are brought up as shown above.

Pose #8: Pleading

This gesture can be created by making a fist with both hands and brought under or near the chin. This expression focuses on the face but the variations suggest that any expression that suggests you want something is fine.

Pose #9: Louder

This pose involves using two hands with all fingers extended and brought near the mouth. Voice amplification is simulated by putting the hands at an angle with palm facing outwards. Although it is debatable whether you will get louder, you will surely get people’s attention with this cute pose.

Pose #10: Fighting!

This pose can be done by clenching a single or both fists together and bringing them near your face. In addition, making an angry facial expression helps to warn others of your ensuing wrath.

Pose #11: Punch to the Face

To create this self-injury pose, clench your fingers into a fist with one hand and bring it towards your cheek.

Pose #12: Call Me

Using one hand, stretch out your pinky finger and thumb and clench your other fingers. Bring your hand up to one ear such that your thumb is closest to your ear to mimic a telephone. This gesture tells someone that you want him or her to call you in private.

Pose #13: Bang!

With one or two hands, extend both your thumb and index finger while keeping your other fingers clenched. Point your index finger at the target to show them who’s boss. You can also put both hands together to form a thicker gun.

Pose #14: Confused

Simply having a confused facial expression does not properly emphasize the confused look. The key ingredient is to place one hand on the top of your head with all fingers extended to look like you’re scratching your head. It also helps if someone draws a squiggly puff of smoke above your head.

Pose #15: Praying

You too can (pretend to) pray by placing both hands together with all fingers extended or with fingers interlocked. Place your hands such that they are horizontally centre aligned relative to your body.

Pose #16: Blowing a Kiss

With one or two hands under your chin, point them in the direction of the person you’d like to give your indirect kiss to. Using your mouth, blow on your hand to push your love out to that lucky guy or girl.

Pose #17: Pointing

Is it rude to point? Not if it’s done so cutely! With your index finger extended in one hand and your other fingers clenched or curled inwards, point your index finger at someone. It is important to note that the effectiveness of your pointing can be reduced with coloured nail polish, as it takes attention away from your stern index finger.

Pose #18: Giant Heart

Unlike the heart shape done with your hands, this giant heart relies on your body and your arms. With both hands and fingers extended, place the tips of your fingers on the top of your head. Your fingers should be approximately in the center of your head. The tough part is that your arms will need to bent such that it matches the shape of a heart.
You may need to practice this pose in front of the mirror to ensure your heart is symmetrical.

Pose #19: Pillow

The best way I could describe this pose was a pillow, which was primarily due to the photo above. This pose is quite simple, place both hands together with fingers fully extended and bring to one cheek. Although your hands may not be as comfortable as a pillow, it’s better than nothing.

Pose #20: Surprised

With fingers extended on one or two hands, place your hand on your cheek. Next, your mouth should be wide open as if you are surprised (just think of the time you got that surprise birthday party, won a prize, or got caught reading Really Cute Asians by your significant other)

Pose #21: Daydreaming

I’ve seen this pose in classes where people are bored out of their minds and begin daydreaming. Using one or two hands, with all fingers clenched, place them under your chin with your palms facing upwards.

Pose #22: Hey

I’ve had sleepless nights trying to figure out what this pose was. Some say it’s a half louder pose, a speech bubble, or some sort of wave. For now, I’ve called it the “hey” pose since it appears similar to a wave. This pose involves extending all fingers like a wave and placing it near your cheeks.

Pose #23: Heart Shape

There are a few variations of this pose, but the most is to take both hands and place your thumbs together with your other fingers in an arch shape. The top of your fingers are joined together to form the top of the heart, while your thumbs form the bottom of the heart.

Pose #24: Nyan Nyan~

I was told that this pose was the classic anime/manga cat girl pose, where they put their paws up to their cheeks. The word “nyan nyan” is sometimes used to describe the noise a cat makes. The pose is quite simple, using one or two hands, make a fist and put it up to your cheek with palms facing outwards. Optionally, you can wear cat ears and a collar with a bell on it, if you want to make sure no one misinterprets this pose.

Pose #25: Okay

This pose, like many other poses featured on this site, is frequently used by everyone regardless of race. This gesture creates the word “OK” using your fingers. To create the “O”, join your index finger and thumb, such that it forms a circle. The “K” is created with your remaining fingers extended. The palm of your hand should be facing outwards and your hand can be brought near your face if you wish.

Pose #26: Salute

The salute is a common hand gesture seen around the world. You may have seen this pose in the military or used after a game winning touchdown, but I assure you that this pose can be very cute. To perform this pose, choose your favourite eye brow (right or left). You’ll use the hand that’s on the same side as your chosen eyebrow to do the salute. With this hand, you can have all fingers extended or just the index and middle finger extended (other fingers clenched). Place this hand at or near your eyebrow at an angle and you’re good to go!

Pose #27: Horns

You can create horns by extending your index finger upwards and clenching your remaining fingers. Place your hand near your face with palms facing outward and make a funny facial expression.

Pose #28: Tears/Teasing

If you aren’t convinced that an expression makes a difference while posing, then consider this dual pose known as tears or teasing. For those who want more syllables, the synonym for tears pose is “I’m cute but can still cry” pose. Both poses require your index finger from one or two hands pointing to an area under your eye, but the expression differentiates between tears and teasing. If you want to do tears, you would make a sad expression like a pout. If you want to do teasing, you could stick out your tongue to provoke your audience. The choice is up to you, although the tears pose encourages others to enjoy your pain and suffering.

Pose #29: Kawaii other pose

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Taiwan Blog

Just to let you know I'm going to be posting at my blog for Taiwan from now until I come back in December! :

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Je Je Je-jeee-je

Totally unfinished:

smells like Autumn
cool air
a tingle
natural in my skin

twice pierced
skin like mine
hair like yours
i just want to touch
things the same again

since September
reminds me
of silver acorns
on a chain
hand walks in
crumpled leaves

stop to breath
the books and
the birds
walks warm in your hand
face cool to my cheek

both wanting to talk
but hating to care
hearts as hard as the paths they chose

Sunday, September 27, 2009

But I didn't touch a pig!

Hey so life has gotten pretty busy pretty fast. Mid-August I found a dance partner and we practiced every night for the team tryouts in September. My goal was just to make Pre-C. I wanted to go to team lessons so bad! Drama eventually ensued and I switched partners a week before tryouts- this time I was confident we'd make the team. And September 15th we did our best and somehow we made it!!!!! :D You can check out a few videos of the tryouts at this link:

So anyways, I'm EXTREMELY excited. My life right now is work and dance- and that's a good thing. :) I just hope I improve fast.

I got a project on the side: I have two latin dresses and I have pretty much nothing for standard (waltz, tango, etc) so I bought a pattern, a sewing machine and I'm making a standard dress. I'll put pictures up as soon as I finish. I got a friend from work (Julie) helping me- she makes costumes from the 1800s and early 1900s. In fact I modeled one of her costumes recently for a photoshoot. Another Rachel and I went out on a canoe at sunset and Julie and her dad were in a second canoe taking photos. It's traditional film so it'll be a while before we get to see the results. However, I got her to take some digital photos of us- it's up on facebook for you to see.

Other than that life is normal. Some drama...which I'm not posting on the internet, and some sickness. It happened Friday and somehow I'm thinking it's the swine flu :(. At least I'm not throwing up- that's the worst. So I couldn't go into work and I'm home for the weekend. It kinda worked out for the best since I wouldn't have time to go home otherwise. Things get really busy at the bakery in the fall up through Christmas so I'm working pretty much everyday and I need the money so I don't want to ask for time off.

And the final bit of news: I'm taking a couple Chinese classes this semester! :) Yeah I know I'm a #2 alright, but I really love languages and this is a perfect opportunity to get fluent in one! Plus Chinese is pretty useful. So I'm not feeling guilty. What's really cool is that I actually can speak Chinese to customers and they're pretty friendly about it! One of them taught me how to say : Would you like a slice of bread? (Ni3 yao4 yi1 pian1 mian1 bao3 ma?) (The numbers indicate what tone you say each word in.)

PS- Aaron got a betta fish for his birthday and I'm super excited. I normally don't like fish :embarassed:


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

English Country Dance

So I just had the craziest, adventurous evening of my life (so far)!!! A friend from work invited me to go to her dance club tonight---and the dance of choice=English Country Dance...aka. what they do in Pride and Prejudice, etc!!!!! My first impression of the dance (from tv) was that it looked boring because you didn't have as much one-on-one contact with your partner as I was used to. Going into the club house and watching the end of a dance changed my mind completely. It was so fascinating and looked really fun. I was amazed that everyone knew where to move because it's an intricate group dance, and I was psyched that I was doing something Jane Austen used to do.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...the adventure happened on the way to the club house. I, not having a car, chose to bike and take the bus... at least that was the plan until construction on Maiden Lane foiled it!!! So the bus stop I was meant to take was not operating and, being lost, I biked the rest of the way. Correction: I got lost two times. So I'm on my merry way, thinking that I'll be late but at least I'll be there and it wasn't exactly my fault Google can't tell you where construction is. I realize I left my waterbottle at home and I am DEAD thirsty. So I bike until I see a gas station, lock my bike's wheels up and go in to buy a bottle of water. When I come out, my bike is GONE. One of the mechanics says: "Sorry 'bout that- it was his idea" before I can do a double take. Turns out they just wanted to play a prank on me and teased me for locking up my bike (with two locks) when their gas station is apparently safer than anything (according to them). They were friendly guys, though, so I didn't get mad. It was nice to be able to voice my frustration at having to bike all the way when I wasn't sure how far it would be.

So I got my water, I'm biking across the street and I go over bumps all the time.. you can't avoid them (just the small ones). And as I bump off the part where the sidewalk meets the road ... my right pedal falls off! So I'm gliding along from the momentum and my brake doesn't work because I lost that pedal (it's a primitive bike). So I use my feet to stop it, go get the pedal FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and try to screw it back on. It wouldn't let me get it back even half way... so it's barely hanging on by a few rings and I get back on... pedal again. I'm fine for a while, but four more times this happens and finally I said ....well... and walked the bike the rest of the way. I was getting close to being there by the time I gave up on the pedal so it wasn't too bad. Oh... and I had to change my shoes on the way because the ones I were wearing weren't meant for long distance walking.

Besides that, I got sprayed two or three times by sprinklers spraying into the sidewalk area and my skirt got caught in the bike's wheel and got all muddy.


But it was a blast when I got there. Everyone was friendly, and guys were clamoring to be my partner (and that doesn't exactly happen at Open Dance). There was a live group playing music: a violinist, a clarinetist, and a pianist, and one person was designated the "caller" for each dance. He/she would walk us through the dance by giving instructions as we moved, and the set of moves is repeated down the line of people.

I had a really good time. :) I really felt like I was in Pride and Prejudice. I started imagining everyone in Regency dress (tell me if I get the era wrong), and the actual dancing was fun. It was a relief not to worry about my technique or my frame.

Rachel, Amanda, I wish I knew about this club when we were living together. I think you two would've loved it. Maybe not as much as if you were in the 1700s and you were dancing with people your own age (it attracted a more elderly group), but I think you would have liked to try it once just because.

But the night ended well. The pedal's still off my bike but I got a ride home and now I'm writing this entry up for y'all. And I assume someone else had a good night because as I was walking up to my room, a non-female came out of the bathroom in a towel and went into one of my housemate's room. O.O

Here's a video example on youtube of English Country Dancing:

It might not look like much but you have to be there to really experience it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

If you just realize what I just realized...

Hey y'all! I thought I should update, since it's been a while. I'm still working at the bakery. Two weeks ago was the anniversary of when this specific store opened so we had a week-long celebration sale, which translated into more hours for me :)....and, subsequently, a cold the following week. I was really scared because the symptoms felt just like mono- AND I DO NOT WANT IT AGAIN!!! I don't think you can get it again either... but all the same I was worried. Luckily, I've pulled through, although I'm still suffering from some post-nasal drip.

Something interesting that's happened is that Steve and Susan, the ballroom coaches apparently know my name!!! Surprising, since I haven't had the best of luck with partners and haven't actually made it past the newcomer division. :'( But they singled me out a few times in class to answer questions or tell me what I'm doing wrong. It's exciting! That must mean I'm not a horrible dancer, if they noticed me (I hope). But right now we're learning technique as opposed to steps, and it is hard! But worth it!

So A. came back from Taiwan, and brought back a farmer's hat (the one in my picture)... just like I wanted!! It is sooo cute, but I look like a dork in it because this is not Taiwan and I'm not a farmer! Very good for keeping my face out of the sun, however.

I tried taking a mandolin lesson the other week, but I decided it's too expensive!!$25 for a half-hour! I'd rather look at videos online or read a book. I found a really great website, where this guy posted videos of how to play some popular songs on guitar. I have a hard time strumming so it's good this guy breaks it down. I'll send you the link if you want! I really like the new song by Colbie Caillat "Realize." Kinda makes me want to cry though.

And I found someone to practice Chinese with/practice teaching English. She's from Taiwan and took English in school but this is her first time in the US and she's not very confident speaking English. So we meet up once in a while and talk. She's actually very good- not fluid, but I can understand her perfectly. If she doesn't know the word she's looking for, she describes it so I can guess. So I think she's amazing- especially if you compare my second-hand Chinese with her second-hand English. I think her main weaknesses are vocab and writing/reading, but again she's pretty darn good for only studying it in school. Sidenote: she says my tones are very clear!!! :)

So I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and I loved the premier show! Kupono is my favorite so far (last year I liked the Hawaiian guy!). I also like Brandon, Asuka... and the guy who does really awesome locking/popping/whatever it's called. The only thing I don't like is the word "buck" or "stank." I just dont' get it. :P I want to learn some hip-hop sometime though. AND if you search for any clips, look up the bollywood number! I just about died at the ending kiss.

In other news, A. and I are planning a trip to California in August!! To see my darling Kathryn and explore the San Franciso/LA area. I've also never been to the ocean so we have to put that on our list. Part of me wants to go to Disney World because I've never been to either Disney park...but I gotta keep in mind that we're only going to be there for a week.

My lord, there is so much I want to do but so little time to do it! I always paint over the summer but I haven't gotten around to it juuust yet and I've been meaning to go work out for weeks...

So I haven't heard back from EMU yet. I'm starting to get .... frustrated. I'd kinda like to know if I got rejected so I can freak out about what I'm going to do with my life: teach English in Taiwan, go join a convent in France, etc. :P If you have a moment, please say a prayer for me, because I don't want to have to reapply to grad school. :(

Okay, I'm signing out, and going home this weekend for Father's day!