Sunday, September 27, 2009

But I didn't touch a pig!

Hey so life has gotten pretty busy pretty fast. Mid-August I found a dance partner and we practiced every night for the team tryouts in September. My goal was just to make Pre-C. I wanted to go to team lessons so bad! Drama eventually ensued and I switched partners a week before tryouts- this time I was confident we'd make the team. And September 15th we did our best and somehow we made it!!!!! :D You can check out a few videos of the tryouts at this link:

So anyways, I'm EXTREMELY excited. My life right now is work and dance- and that's a good thing. :) I just hope I improve fast.

I got a project on the side: I have two latin dresses and I have pretty much nothing for standard (waltz, tango, etc) so I bought a pattern, a sewing machine and I'm making a standard dress. I'll put pictures up as soon as I finish. I got a friend from work (Julie) helping me- she makes costumes from the 1800s and early 1900s. In fact I modeled one of her costumes recently for a photoshoot. Another Rachel and I went out on a canoe at sunset and Julie and her dad were in a second canoe taking photos. It's traditional film so it'll be a while before we get to see the results. However, I got her to take some digital photos of us- it's up on facebook for you to see.

Other than that life is normal. Some drama...which I'm not posting on the internet, and some sickness. It happened Friday and somehow I'm thinking it's the swine flu :(. At least I'm not throwing up- that's the worst. So I couldn't go into work and I'm home for the weekend. It kinda worked out for the best since I wouldn't have time to go home otherwise. Things get really busy at the bakery in the fall up through Christmas so I'm working pretty much everyday and I need the money so I don't want to ask for time off.

And the final bit of news: I'm taking a couple Chinese classes this semester! :) Yeah I know I'm a #2 alright, but I really love languages and this is a perfect opportunity to get fluent in one! Plus Chinese is pretty useful. So I'm not feeling guilty. What's really cool is that I actually can speak Chinese to customers and they're pretty friendly about it! One of them taught me how to say : Would you like a slice of bread? (Ni3 yao4 yi1 pian1 mian1 bao3 ma?) (The numbers indicate what tone you say each word in.)

PS- Aaron got a betta fish for his birthday and I'm super excited. I normally don't like fish :embarassed: