Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movie Reviews (and a small life update)

Life Update:
  • I got a job!! :) I'm working at the Great Harvest in Ann Arbor, doing the morning shift where I knead the bread and get it ready to go in the oven. Lately I've been scheduled to stay till the early afternoon so I can do some customer service. It's really fun and I'm so glad to be making some money.
  • I just moved into a sublet right across from St. Thomas church! :) I had no idea before I said yes that I'd be across from a Catholic church. Maybe I'll get to go everyday now!!
  • I'm trying to get Daisy in Mario Kart Wii. So far I've done 50cc and 100cc. I barely got bronze in the Mushroom and Flower cups 150cc and I'm working on the Star cup right now. If you have any tips please let me know!!!
  • I want a vespa so bad.
  • Albert left for ten days in Taiwan, and the girl who survived two summers without you-know-who feels disgustingly lonely.
But on a lighter note, here are some...
Spoiler Free Movie Reviews:
  • Singh is Kinng: This movie is extremely interesting, especially to someone who's been exposed to the Sikh community. It's a bollywood film so there's a singing and dancing interspersed throughout the film. Watch out! The music is really catchy, though. The story is about a Sikh named Happy Singh who's entertaining, the life of the party, but also annoys the heck out of the people in his village (in the Punjab region of India). He decides to go to Australia to bring back Lucky Singh, another Sikh who became the leader of a Sikh gang. Something happens and Happy becomes the sit-in "King" (leader of the gang) and tries to use the gang's powers for good, while reforming the members. Throw in a little romance, and you have Singh is Kinng. I thought it was great. It was funny, there was good music, the premise was not too cheesy, and the main character Happy was really adorable.
  • Star Trek: This movie was also great! Again, the main character was very fun to look at. It was interesting to see the story of how Capt. Kirk became Capt. Kirk, and likewise with Spock. All I can say is it's a must-see, and I love how Capt. Kirk breaks the rules to get things right. It's so exciting! AND I won't tell you how but the original Spock makes an appearance.
  • Terminator- Salvation: OH MY GOSH! Another must see! I love the Terminator series so I knew I'd like this one. Christian Bale's character gets pushed to the background by a human who you know from the beginning has terminator parts inside him. His character was fascinating--you keep wondering whether he's the good guy or the bad guy. Is he a sleeper robot? Needless to say, you find out at the end and it's a great ride the whole way. Tim Burton's wife also makes an appearance, as well as the guy who plays Chekov in the new Star Trek movie.
  • Night at the Museum- Battle of the Smithsonian: Although it was entertaining, it was not nearly as good quality as the first one. Amy Adam's character Amelia Earhart was... interesting. And the Jonas Brothers made a cameo as three cherubs. That's about all I have to say. Wait until it comes out on dvd before shelling $8.00 to see it.
  • Angels and Demons: MAJOR TWISTS AND TURNS! I was not suspecting the twist ending and that made me happy. Along with Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor's in it! And I don't think it's anti-Catholic- it's anti-people-who-take-advantage-of-religion-for-their-own-means.
  • X-Men Origins- Wolverine: I liked seeing Wolverine's beginning. There's a romance that affects him, a malicious brother Sabertooth, army craziness, and Gambit! I liked it a lot. The enemy they fight at the end is scary as heck!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Post-Graduation Update

Hey y'all!

This is the Rachel that just graduated from college. Woohoo! I can't believe I'm an alumni of U of M, and that I have two B.A.s. This is so unreal. I've been working toward my degree for so long that it doesn't seem like it should be over yet. I still feel like I'm 18 and I got three years to go-- but it's happened. I did it!

My family came for the ceremony and lunch at Weber's where apparently they went after my dad graduated from here. I love traditions- that's so like a two, wait... what am I again? Oh well. The parents threw a nice party afterwards. It's a shame my family couldn't stay but I'm so grateful they at least came to the ceremony. The coolest and scariest thing was that we each were asked to give a speech on the porch. If I had known that was going to happen I would have prepared something thoughtful to say but, knowing me, my mind went blank and then I started crying. Doik! In retrospect the main message I would have wanted to say was that I am so grateful for my parents' support, emotionally and financially. When I was applying to U of M my Dad took me to the Art School and set up an orientation appointment, encouraging me to pursue my passion, regardless of how much (or should I say "little") I would be able to make with a bachelor of fine arts. I also understand how much effort and sacrifice went into paying for my tuition and living expenses. My Mom wasn't able to finish college because she couldn't afford it, and my parents worked long hours to pay for me, while at the same time paying for my brothers' college and high school.

I'm also really glad I got the college experience. I got to be independent and see what it was like to live away from my parents. My eyes were opened to new religions (that I haven't even heard of), and I met people who had different viewpoints. I got to dance, which ranks pretty high on the list of why U of M is awesome! I got to room with my other half for two years (darling ;) )and live with a dynamic group of super-women. It was amazing how our personalities were all different and we balanced each other out. My only complaints were the over-priced rent, small bathroom, and paper-thin walls. But it was a good experience.

I also got to be good friends with a group of guys (of all people). Sophomore year was definitely my favorite. A room to myself made it so easy to study and our hall was so racially diverse I felt like I was living in the UN. That hall was also where I found my first relationship, which had its ups and downs, but overall I'm glad I got to experience what it was like fall in love with someone who felt the same way.

Having to say goodbye to people you've lived with and loved for two years is pretty hard. By that time you feel like a family, and family members can move away but you never really say goodbye. Hopefully it can stay that way with us roommates- we'll move away but still keep in touch.

But anyways, to wrap it up, since I've kept this draft on the shelf for too long- I'm in Ann Arbor for the summer. I heard back from MSU, and it's a no because I don't have undergraduate coursework in speech pathology. The ironic (and frustrating) thing is that none of those courses are offered at U of M. I'm still waiting for EMU- apparently they only have 25 spots to fill, so I'm getting pretty nervous. Good news, though, is that I have a temporary job at the University Center for the Development of Language and Literacy where I get to be a teacher's assistant for the first grade-kindergarten starter program. I'm really excited for that! I'm also employed part-time at the Great Harvest in Ann Arbor, and I might be getting some extra hours doing research for the Center. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, and trying to make as much money as I can so I can afford to live here until August.

Ok, Starbuck out! PS- check out facebook for photos of my trip to the Detroit Zoo.