Friday, February 27, 2009

Ouais- "that's the only way I say it now"

Well I'm starting this up again, partially for nostalgia (remembering the good ole times in high school) and partially for reaching out to people I don't talk to as much as I should. Right now it's my last semester at U of M and things are going just fine as usual. The workload is a little bit too much- readings mostly. I also work as a volunteer at a speech clinic for one of my ling classes (15 hours a week) so finding time to do homework is not always easy. I can't wait to be done with school but at the same time I don't want it to end. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way.

First semester was rough on a whole bunch of dimensions- one being my health. So far in Ann Arbor I never EVER get sick during school- I can usually ride it out until a break, but I caught three colds in a tonsilitis (That was fun. I couldn't eat solid food for weeks.)...and then mono. I think I'm mostly over everything now but I'm not completely sure.

I've been incredibly sad that I haven't been well enough to dance this semester- it probably would've ruined my grades, but nonetheless I'm not happy about it.

So after this semester it's either EMU or MSU- assuming that I get accepted to both (fingers crossed). There are pros and cons for both and right now I'm leaning toward MSU but knowing I'm not going to be happy with either choice. The pros for MSU are that I'd get to save money by living at home, I'd have some access to a car, and there's a study abroad program in London I could apply for. The cons are that I can't afford to live anywhere else but home, and there are no good opportunities to continue dancing. The pros for EMU are that I'd be able to live near the AA area, I'd be living on my own, and I'd get to stay on the UofM dance team. The cons are that I'd get in more debt than I would if I went to MSU, and there aren't any study abroad programs that'd apply to speech therapy.

But who knows, maybe I'd only get accepted to one of those two schools which would make the choice much easier. I'm just trying not to think what I'll do if I get rejections from both.... I just keep telling myself that it can't happen because MSU accepted me for undergrad.

Well anyways, that's the jist of my life right now.

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